Year in a Review - 2017

Tomorrow is January 1st, 2018. I sit here today, on New Years Eve, in a state of reflection as I look back on the past 365 days. I am thinking about how fast and slow this year has gone. About how much has changed.

I’ll start with my last, but most important reason, and that is to sincerely give a big thank you. A thank you to my family, my love, my friends (new + old), my mentors, classmates, coworkers, enemies, and everyone who stood before, with, and against me. Thank you for making 2017 an incredible year.

Things I learned and hopefully you can take away from this story:

  • Love is Everything
  • Saying no is fucking hard
  • Distracted and excused everything by so called “startup”
  • Do only one thing really well
  • Help people for free whenever you can

Flashback to 2017

  • Felt present. Used social media/phone significantly less. Began to really appreciate the little things in life.
  • Tried a ton of new food. Liked most of it.
  • Created multiple product that generated revenue, but failed eventually.
  • Lost my Dearest Friend.
  • Read almost 11 books. My favorite was Sophie’s World. Also listened to a ton of podcasts (Revisionist History and The Engineers).
  • Started my weekly newsletter in my workplace.
  • Met a guy at Ventures Cafe who even decided to fund my startup, but didn’t pass the green.
  • Had to quit the best possible job in the history of workspace.
  • Shifted to the worst working place, made my life even worst.
  • Met few good peoples: Pankaj, Jenish
  • Had planned to launch a company but couldn’t.
  • Started to live green life.
  • Sold Scooter to buy a Cycle.
  • Started walking wherever I could.
  • Started cooking with a electric stove.

that’s it…

I hope you (and your family/friends) have had a healthy, fulfilling year. I wish you the best in 2018. Dream big for 2018 because this next year is going to be the best.